FOO AND FOO — Brand design

Combining 1990's aesthetics with digital age design codes

Birth of Foo

Translating Elizabeth Hilfiger’s unique vision and collaborative approach of clothes to life, FAM defined the DNA of new streetwear brand Foo and Foo- establishing it as a cultural nexus that seamlessly fuses fashion and art.

what we did
Creative Strategy
Brand Identity

Branding codes

Bridging functional innovation and creativity through impactful designs, FAM created the icon-intensive brand identity and visual language of Foo and Foo - leveraging it throughout all brand collateral and digital.


A digital home

Foo and Foo’s interactive website design, emphasized by bold typography, streamlined images, and distorted text animations, creates a unique user-experience that naturally invites exploration. The site serves as a hub for Foo and Foo's ready-to wear collections, artwork, and brand collaborations.

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